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     stacybey's new website is here now, we will be sharing talent of interest. "I am sharing stylish creative juices of my life experiences, which was made for song and yes shared on the site, says stacy a.k.a./ex relatione teedawg" . stacy created these songs that paints the picture clearly in music form "hip hop, rap" from the early 90 to present day. The tracks will be in mp3 format for your listening and downloading enjoyment. 

     Oh and yeah don’t just listen to the sound bites, donate and /or purchase and download independent songs of choice or even the whole album, now that’s love. I thanks all of you for your support and love.


*Throw Back 1998 Album from StacyBey A.K.A. ex relatione; Tee Dawg.

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The outdoors allows for criticle thinking.

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